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What Is a Veterinary Emergency?

You should never feel embarrassed about calling a veterinarian if you are concerned about your pet’s wellbeing. You may have picked up a subtle sign of a real problem when you notice even a slight change in your pet’s behavior.

The following list of symptoms requires immediate attention:

  • · Trauma [hit by car or blunt object, falling from a distance more than a few feet]
  • · Suspected Broken Bones
  • · Lack of Consciousness [pet will not wake, pet is not breathing, pet does not have a pulse]
  • · Difficulty Breathing or Blockage of Airway
  • · Seizure Activity
  • · Bleeding from Orpheus [eyes, nose, mouth or blood in urine or feces]
  • · Ingestion of Toxicity [chocolate, rat bait, antifreeze, household cleaners, medications, drugs]
  • · Staining to Urinate [especially male cats]
  • · Signs of Extreme Pain [whining, shaking, refusing to socialize]
  • · Sudden Collapse and/or Disorientation
  • · Sudden Blindness, Injury or Irritation to Eye
  • · Bloat or Possible Foreign Body Blockage [swollen and/or hard abdomen, gagging, vomiting]
  • · Dystocia [delayed birth after contractions have begun]

These are a few common symptoms indicating a veterinary emergency, but many more do not appear on this list. Contact our team to help you triage the situation. It is important to know how you will be traveling safely with your pet. Our team can provide instruction on the transport of ill or injured pets as well as give you directions to our hospital as we have recently relocated to 4176 Merdian Street in Bellingham.

We understand when you know something is wrong with your pet. They are very loved members of your family, and you have the right to worry when something seems wrong.