Hospital Administrator

Bo grew up in rural West Texas and has been friends with the animal community since he was able to walk. He began working within the veterinary community at the age of fourteen.

Bo has worked with all sorts of animals ranging from cattle to alligators and has a passion for teaching people. He has been a veterinary practice manager as well as a licensed veterinary technician for many years. Bo joined Animal Emergency Care as our Hospital Administrator in the fall of 2016 and is committed to addressing the needs of our wonderful community.


Bo's family never shared his passion, so he started his own farm on some unused land with a few dollars and a teenage dream. He manged to grow his operation to a herd of pigs, goats, sheep, and a couple heads of cattle by the time he was college bound. Bo volunteered with various zoological societies over the first years of his career working with reptiles, amphibians, and island life. He used some the skills and knowledge he learned to help with wildlife rehabilitation later in life. He began working with a veterinary hospital in Austin, Texas where he began learning the tricks of the veterinary technician trade. He moved to the Pacific Northwest where he secured a job as a veterinary technician with one of the local clinics where he began to solidify his skills and became a licensed veterinary technician. Bo began absorbing knowledge by taking relief work at various hospitals willing to teach him anything new. Bo developed a passion for animal nutrition, behavior, dentistry, and exotic animal medicine. He remained employed with the same veterinary clinic for almost ten years where he climbed through the ranks and became the practice manager while networking with the veterinary community all over the country. Bo completed specialized training with a veterinary consulting firm to harness the necessary skills required of a veterinary hospital administrator.


Bo's undergraduate course work consisted of biochemistry in preparation for veterinary medical school, but he discovered his passion for helping people help the animal community by working in the veterinary community. He is currently working toward finalizing his credentials to become a board certified veterinary practice manager and hopes to complete his MBA in the near future. Bo believes the key to living is to continue learning each and everyday. He stays actively involved with many educational programs within the veterinary field to insure the growth and opportunities for everyone destined for a career in veterinary medicine.