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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Xylitol Toxicity in Pets

The popularity of low sugar and low carbohydrate human diets has led to many creative ways to make food and sweets palatable.Xylitol is a popular sugar substitute used in many foods, supplements, and dental hygiene products.  The most common accidental exposures to xylitol include chewing gum, melatonin supplements, sugar-free baking additives, and some forms of [...]

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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Rodenticide Toxicity in Pets

Rats and mice have a long-standing feud with their human counterparts, and they often cause irritation by building nests in homes or attics or eating plants and gardens. Many people take matters into their own hands by purchasing commercially available rat poison or rodenticide from their local grocery or hardware store. Rodenticide is appealing to [...]

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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

Many pet owners are familiar with the recreational drug marijuana which is also referred to as weed, pot, or reefer. Marijuana has become more widely legal across the United States over the past several years, and marijuana toxicity has become a more common problem in pets because of the drug’s increased availability and popularity. In [...]

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Pet Sitter’s Guide to Veterinary Emergencies

Most pets will experience a veterinary emergency in their lifetime. Pet accidents or emergencies can occur at any time, and a quick response will ensure a more positive outcome. Preparation and understanding when a pet needs emergency care is critical to ensure their best chance of recovery. Pet owners bestow a huge responsibility on pet [...]

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Bordetella Basics: Keeping Your Dog Infection-Free

Dogs are naturally social animals who enjoy time with their pet parents and other dog friends. Many pet parents bring their dogs everywhere because of their close bond, and because they enjoy the companionship. Regular preventive care for your dog is critical to ensure they are protected from the disease agents and bacteria present in [...]

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