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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Alcohol Toxicity in Pets

Family gatherings with festive foods and drinks including cocktails and special libations are a common part of the holiday season, and many pet owners want to ensure their four-legged companions are included in the celebrations. However, kitchen chaos, large family meals, and a revolving door of guests can lead to pet injuries or accidental poisonings. [...]

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Happy Pawlidays: 5 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pet

The holiday season is a special time with friends and family including your four-legged companions. The dropping temperatures, twinkling lights, and crackling fires provide a festive atmosphere for cozy celebrations. Holiday festivities are extra special when shared with your pet but many traditions and meals can be dangerous for curious furry pals. Many holiday treats [...]

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Happy Pawlidays: Five Pet-Safe Gift Ideas

Holiday celebrations are in full force and the hustle and bustle of the season includes family meals and marathon shopping sessions. However, the season of giving is not just for humans anymore. According to pet retailer Zulily more than 50 percent of Millennial pet owners purchase monthly gifts for their pets. Our pets are family [...]

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A Complex Cat Condition: Understanding Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Cat owners know the challenge of deciphering their feline companion’s likes, dislikes, and desires, beyond a full food dish. Cats have unique personalities and ways of communicating. Some will shift from purring to hissing in what seems to be a nanosecond while others are constant cuddle buddies who rarely make a sound. Cats thrive on [...]

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When Less is Not More: Understanding Nutritionally-Mediated Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Pets

Our pets are family and regular veterinary checkups, exercise, and preventive care are critical to ensure they remain healthy through all life stages. Proper nutrition is also a vital component of your pet’s organ function and overall health and pet owners have a wide variety of choices when it comes to deciding what to feed [...]

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No Bones about It: 5 Tips for a Safe Pets-Giving

The dropping temperatures and pumpkin spice-filled air let us know that the largest meal of the year is quickly approaching. Many people start their Thanksgiving preparations weeks in advance to ensure they are ready for the marathon cooking event and holiday celebrations would not be complete without including their four-legged companions. However, cooking chaos and [...]

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The Trickiness of Treats: Understanding Pet Pancreatitis

Seasonal sweets and treats are upon us and as the temperatures drop, a wide selection of holiday foods appears to celebrate the holiday season. Many pet owners want to ensure their four-legged companions are included in family celebrations. It is not uncommon for pets to have Halloween costumes, festive collars, or celebratory snacks or meals. [...]

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Bone Appetit: 5 Common Pet Nutrition Questions Answered

As with people, a balanced diet is a key component of your pet’s overall health and wellness.  Pets also have specific requirements to ensure their organs develop and function properly. These requirements vary among species and help ensure pets have adequate energy and maintain a healthy weight throughout their lifetime. Choosing the right diet and [...]

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