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Bordetella Basics: Keeping Your Dog Infection-Free

Dogs are naturally social animals who enjoy time with their pet parents and other dog friends. Many pet parents bring their dogs everywhere because of their close bond, and because they enjoy the companionship. Regular preventive care for your dog is critical to ensure they are protected from the disease agents and bacteria present in [...]

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Rabies 101: Vaccination Is Critical to Protect Your Pet

Rabies has always been one of the most feared infections in the animal world. Many are familiar with the story of Old Yeller and the beloved dog’s sad demise after rabies exposure. Great strides have been made since then, and vaccination has mostly eliminated the fear of losing a beloved pet to rabies. However, more [...]

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Panleukopenia: A Dangerous Feline Threat

Our feline friends are mischievous fur balls with unique personalities. Cats are independent natured and spend most days napping while their pet parents attend countless zoom calls. However, ensuring they are protected from dangerous viruses in their environment is vital. Our Animal Emergency Care team wants to ensure your cat is protected from feline panleukopenia [...]

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Canine Parvovirus: A Deadly Threat

Canine parvovirus instills fear in every puppy owner, as it should. This deadly disease is responsible for a serious illness and sometimes death in the most vulnerable pets—puppies who have not yet developed strong immunity. Although dogs of any age can contract the virus, puppies are at highest risk. Learn more about this devastating disease, [...]

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