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Canine Hepatitis: Infectious Liver Disease in Dogs

Advances in veterinary medicine have resulted in your pets living longer, healthier lives. Additionally, worldwide pet vaccination programs have vastly decreased your dog’s chances of contracting dangerous infectious diseases, which can be deadly. During your dog’s puppyhood, your veterinarian will recommend a series of core vaccinations, to ensure their immune system can fight common dog [...]

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Canine Influenza: Nothing to Sneeze At

Caring for your canine companion, which includes regular veterinary examinations, parasite control, proper nutrition, and regular exercise, is no light responsibility. Vaccinations are also a critical component of your pet’s overall health and wellness routine, and the safest, most cost effective way to protect your pet from common dog diseases. Your family veterinarian has likely [...]

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Canine Distemper: Ensure Your Dog is Protected

During your yearly or more frequent visits with your family veterinarian, your canine companion likely received their core vaccinations and boosters. Core vaccines are defined by the AVMA as those that “protect from diseases endemic to a region, have potential public health significance, are required by law, are virulent/highly infectious, and/or pose a risk of [...]

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Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis: A Potential Lifelong Infection

Caring for a feline companion is special, filled with furry cuddles, purrs, and afternoon naps in the sun. Cats are independent with unique personalities, and pet owners know that their feline friend will not hesitate to let them know when they want treats or an extra cuddle. Owners can easily become distracted with cuteness overload [...]

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Feline Leukemia Virus: Is Your Cat at Risk?

Your feline companion’s unique independent nature makes them special, and they may seem an easy responsibility compared with their canine counterparts. However, cats require cozy resting spots, toys, a clean litter box, good nutrition, and regular preventive care visits to ensure they remain healthy into their golden years. Kittens are especially at risk for viral [...]

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A Tick-ing Time Bomb: Lyme Disease and Your Pet

Many pet owners enjoy traveling or spending time outdoors with their four-legged companion during the warmer months. Outdoor adventures and hikes are great for bonding with your pet, and providing their daily exercise. Ensuring your pet is protected from the elements and dangerous infections that may be lurking in the great outdoors is critical. Lyme [...]

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Bordetella Basics: Keeping Your Dog Infection-Free

Dogs are naturally social animals who enjoy time with their pet parents and other dog friends. Many pet parents bring their dogs everywhere because of their close bond, and because they enjoy the companionship. Regular preventive care for your dog is critical to ensure they are protected from the disease agents and bacteria present in [...]

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