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Zoonosis and Your Pet: A Dangerous Combination

Pet owners enjoy sharing special time with their pets including couch cuddles, slobbery kisses, mealtime, and outdoor adventures. However some of these activities could result in disease spread in people who do not take precautions or pets who do not receive proper preventive care. Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be spread from people to [...]

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Paw-print

Caring for a four-legged family member is a life-long commitment of preventive care, veterinary visits, adequate nutrition, and physical and mental exercise. Our pets fill our lives with unconditional love and are our best friends and constant companions. According to a 2021 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 70 percent of U.S. households [...]

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Understanding and Treating Burns on Your Pet

Our pets are family, and that bond often means they are glued to their pet owner’s side during household activities. Pets will often stand guard while you complete household chores, especially those that involve cooking or cleaning up following mealtime. Cars particularly enjoy laundry chores and will often assist by curling up in the warm [...]

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When Furry Friends Get Frosty: Managing Frostbite in Pets

As the temperatures continue to drop during the winter months, humans and their pets are more at risk for temperature-related illness and problems. Like their owners, animals are susceptible to frostbite with prolonged exposure to frigid temperatures, especially below 32 degrees. Our Animal Emergency Care team wants to ensure that your pet avoids this painful [...]

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Being Cold is Not Cool: Understanding Hypothermia in Pets

Winter has arrived, and the chilly temperatures, freezing rain, and snow can make summer seem a lifetime away. Cozy sweaters, warm fires, and snowmen can bring joy to the winter months, especially when we include our four-legged family members. However, long-term exposure to cold can be dangerous for pets and lead to many health problems [...]

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