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The Trickiness of Treats: Understanding Pet Pancreatitis

Seasonal sweets and treats are upon us and as the temperatures drop, a wide selection of holiday foods appears to celebrate the holiday season. Many pet owners want to ensure their four-legged companions are included in family celebrations. It is not uncommon for pets to have Halloween costumes, festive collars, or celebratory snacks or meals. [...]

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Bone Appetit: 5 Common Pet Nutrition Questions Answered

As with people, a balanced diet is a key component of your pet’s overall health and wellness.  Pets also have specific requirements to ensure their organs develop and function properly. These requirements vary among species and help ensure pets have adequate energy and maintain a healthy weight throughout their lifetime. Choosing the right diet and [...]

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5 Pawsitive Benefits of Keeping Your Pet Active

Many pet owners enjoy couch cuddle sessions and afternoon naps with their favorite four-legged companion. In fact, spending quality time with your pet every day is a vital component of responsible pet ownership. It can be challenging to schedule daily trips to the dog park or multiple play sessions with your feline companion, especially when [...]

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Silence is Golden: Understanding Fireworks Trauma in Pets

Summer is filled with celebrations, outdoor cookouts, and extra time with your two-legged and four-legged family members. Many enjoy the majestic colors of Independence Day fireworks as well as the displays that take place during the weeks leading up to July Fourth. Many pet owners want to include their pets in the summer festivities. Unfortunately, [...]

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