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Dental Emergencies—What Pet Owners Need to Know

Your pet can experience extreme pain and may have difficulty eating and drinking properly if they are affected by a dental emergency. Our team at Animal Emergency Care explains common veterinary dental emergencies and provides tips to help you protect your pet from these situations. Fractured teeth constitute a dental emergency in pets Your pet [...]

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Pain Relief 101: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Pet Pain Medications

Like people, pets can experience pain for a variety of reasons, and uncontrolled pain can lead to an increased release of stress hormones and delayed healing in some cases. Additionally, pets who are experiencing a chronic pain ailment such as arthritis have an increased risk for behavior problems and a decreased quality of life. It [...]

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5 Common Painful Conditions in Pets

Like people, pets can experience pain from a variety of medical problems. However, most pets are skilled at masking signs of illness or discomfort, and it can be challenging for pet owners to know when their four-legged companions need help. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month and the perfect time to bring your pet in [...]

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Understanding 4 Types of Pain in Your Pet

Pets, like people, thrive with a consistent daily routine, proper nutrition, regular exercise, and preventive medical care. The human-animal bond is a vital part of caring for a pet, and it can be heartbreaking if you suspect your pet is experiencing pain.  Recognizing signs of pain can be challenging because pets are skilled at hiding [...]

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