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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Alcohol Toxicity in Pets

Family gatherings with festive foods and drinks including cocktails and special libations are a common part of the holiday season, and many pet owners want to ensure their four-legged companions are included in the celebrations. However, kitchen chaos, large family meals, and a revolving door of guests can lead to pet injuries or accidental poisonings. [...]

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Understanding and Treating Smoke Inhalation in Your Pet

An unexpected fire, whether a residential or an environmental wildfire, can be a devastating and stressful experience. Multiple fire-related events are dangerous for people and their pets including burns, toxic chemicals, and smoke inhalation, but many problems are not immediately obvious following fire exposure. The National Volunteer Firefighter Council estimated that more than 40,000 pets [...]

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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Flea and Tick Preventive Toxicity in Cats

The warm summer months are often accompanied by an abundance of pesky insects and pests that hitchhike on you and your pet. Fleas and ticks can transmit dangerous diseases to your pets, and itching and scratching pets are also at risk for secondary skin infections—and sleepless nights for pet owners. However, choosing a flea and [...]

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When Water is Dangerous: Algae Poisoning in Pets

Warmer weather often means more outdoor adventures with your favorite four-legged companion. Many pet owners enjoy summer hiking and camping trips and more time in the backyard garden, but you can easily become distracted when you are outside with your pet. Curious canines may want to investigate your favorite birdbath or may wander off in [...]

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Something’s Fishy: Salmon Poisoning in Pets

Summer is quickly approaching and many pet owners will be enjoying outdoor hiking and fishing adventures with their favorite canine companions. Pets are family and including them on outdoor expeditions is a great way to mentally and physically stimulate your pet, as well as strengthen your bond. However, exposure to the elements can be dangerous [...]

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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Xylitol Toxicity in Pets

The popularity of low sugar and low carbohydrate human diets has led to many creative ways to make food and sweets palatable.Xylitol is a popular sugar substitute used in many foods, supplements, and dental hygiene products.  The most common accidental exposures to xylitol include chewing gum, melatonin supplements, sugar-free baking additives, and some forms of [...]

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Pet Poison Prevention: Understanding Rodenticide Toxicity in Pets

Rats and mice have a long-standing feud with their human counterparts, and they often cause irritation by building nests in homes or attics or eating plants and gardens. Many people take matters into their own hands by purchasing commercially available rat poison or rodenticide from their local grocery or hardware store. Rodenticide is appealing to [...]

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