Our Animal Emergency Care (AEC) team understands the importance of caring for your four-legged family members. Knowing what to expect when you entrust your pet to our care can help ease your apprehensions. Our goal is to ensure every pet is treated with exceptional, state-of-the-art, quality care during a critical time in their life. Our teams hold themselves to the highest standards to ensure our treatment and care goals exceed our pet owners’ expectations. To accomplish our goals, we have strategically organized our AEC hospital into four synergistically functioning departments: triage, hospitality, treatment, and veterinarians. Our departments work in concert with each other to ensure they can provide exceptional care for your pet. Our “fab four” AEC departments have specific tasks and we describe their operations. 

#1: Triage: Calm communication to care for your sick pet

Upon arrival at our AEC hospital, your pet will be evaluated immediately to determine the urgency of their medical condition. Our triage staff will ask you a variety of questions including your name and contact information, your pet’s name and age, and the primary reason you brought your pet in for emergency care. This information is used to create an electronic medical record for your pet that will be reviewed by the treatment and veterinarian staff. Our triage staff also will provide you with several documents including treatment consent and financial expectations that you will need to sign before speaking with treatment and veterinary staff. Specifically, our triage department’s goals include:

  • Serving as the first point of contact for pet owners
  • Collecting all pertinent medical information 
  • Ensuring all information is communicated in an efficient and transparent manner
  • Listening carefully to pet owners to determine their pet’s health status and the degree of urgency so that can be conveyed to our treatment and veterinary department
  • Entering incoming patients into the hospital record system
  • Serving as the liaison between pet owners and the treatment team 

#2: Hospitality: Working behind the scenes to ensure cleanliness for you and your pet

Our AEC hospitality department staff are the unsung heroes, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, efficient, emergency care experience for pet owners. They work to provide a pristine and healthy environment and support the treatment team with their animal care tasks. The primary goals of the hospitality department include:

  • Ensuring all hospital bathrooms are regularly cleaned and appropriately stocked
  • Cleaning pet kennels to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your pet
  • Walking and cleaning up after hospitalized pets
  • Assisting the treatment team with gentle and safe restraint of pets during procedures
  • Assisting in the cleaning and organizing of medical tools
  • Laundering soiled towels
  • Cleaning and sanitizing hospital surfaces

#3: Veterinarians: Compassionate care and treatment for your pet

Following triage, your pet will be examined by one of our licensed veterinarians. Your AEC veterinarian will speak with you about their physical exam findings which will allow them to create a diagnostic and treatment plan specific to your pet’s medical problem. Our veterinary staff are also skilled in ultrasonography and surgery, which may be required to address some conditions such as an intestinal blockage. Our veterinary team goals include:

  • Offering the best form of treatment for your pet
  • Using their expertise to create a diagnostic and treatment plan, which is carried out together with our treatment department 
  • Performing surgery when required
  • Speaking with pet owners in a clear way to ensure they understand their pet’s diagnosis and treatment needs

#4: Treatment team: Right by your pet’s vet’s side

Our experienced and skilled AEC treatment team is composed of veterinary technicians and assistants who serve as the “right hand” for our veterinarians. The treatment team ensures that the agreed-upon diagnostic and treatment plan is carried out safely, efficiently, and compassionately. Specifically our treatment team’s responsibilities include:

  • Taking radiographs 
  • Drawing blood and running laboratory tests
  • Monitoring your pet’s vital signs 
  • Administering presurgical medications
  • Monitoring all aspects of your pet’s anesthesia during surgery
  • Administering and monitoring intravenous fluids and medications
  • Administering and monitoring other required medications

At AEC we take pride in knowing our hospital staff members are specifically trained for their positions and work tirelessly together as a team to achieve the best care possible for your pet during a scary time. If your pet gets into trouble after hours, call AEC to be seen by our synergistic, hard-working emergency care team. #AECprevents